Equipment Used for Lawn Mowing Services in East Peoria IL

Can’t Keep Up with Your Yard? Seek Our Lawn Mowing Services for East Peoria IL!

If you want your yard to look attractive and approachable, you will need to maintain it regularly. This means cutting back your grass as it grows and trimming trees and shrubs when they become too big. This kind of lawn maintenance, while not necessarily challenging, can be quite time-consuming. And if you’d rather not spend time each week to tackle the task yourself, you can pay us to have it professionally done. Through our lawn mowing services for East Peoria IL, we’ll meticulously cut every inch of your yard, freeing you up to attend to other affairs.

More than Mowing

Do your shrubs need trimming? Is your lawn lacking its usual luster? Are you at a loss of how to dispose of all the leaves taking over your yard? The team at Mobeck Lawn & Landscape can help! As a part of our lawn mowing services for East Peoria IL, we also offer shrub trimming, core aeration and leaf collection as outlined below:

  • Shrub Trimming – Unlike grass which typically needs trimming about once a week, shrubs can go for a bit longer before starting to look unruly. When they do, you can count on us to shape the plant up, removing any leaves or branches that could be preventing new growth.
  • Core Aeration – When the ground dries out due to high temps or a lack of rain, core aeration is a solution that can help return your lawn to its original state. At Mobeck Lawn & Landscape, we will perform this service using our technology, and you can expect to see results after just a few weeks!
  • Leaf Collection – In the fall and spring, we also offer leaf collection services to those who need help cleaning up their yard. Whether you require assistance with raking, disposal or both, we can help clear the mass from your lawn, enabling it to breathe once again.
Overhead Shot of Maintenance Worker Preforming Lawn Mowing Services for East Peoria IL

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Free yourself and your week up by seeking help from the Team at Mobeck Lawn & Landscape! To learn more about our lawn mowing services for East Peoria IL or to schedule an appointment with us our experienced experts, call (309) 989-4496 today! We are based out of Peoria IL and proudly supply landscaping, hardscaping, and snow and ice services to the surrounding areas.