A 3D Rendering of a landscape design done by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape

See Your Dream Yard Come to Life with 2D & 3D Landscape Design

Gone are the days of “pen and paper” designs. Now, landscape design heavily relies on the use of special design software, further optimizing the landscaping process. Before breaking ground for your landscaping project, you’ll know exactly what to expect with Mobeck Lawn & Landscape’s highly-accurate 2D and 3D imaging. Our specialized design software gives our clients confidence in the landscaping process and peace of mind they will see their vision of the perfect outdoor living space come to life!

Understanding 2D & 3D Design

2D and 3D landscape designs have distinct advantages, depending on how you’d like to view your property’s landscape design. Through 2D imaging, you see a bird’s eye view of your property, showing the exact placement of future shrubbery, paver walkways, retaining walls, etc. Conversely, 3D imaging creates an immersive visual representation of your property, allowing us to explore your landscape from every angle. Although both design processes are available to our clients, we recommend 2D design for more straightforward projects and 3D design for larger, more detailed landscaping jobs.

Our Design Process

Mobeck’s 2D and 3D landscape design process is broken into five steps: consultation, design, approval, installation, and completion. At each stage, we continue to engage with our clients, taking suggestions or making changes as we see something that works better for your landscape design.

    1. Consultation – Our process begins with an in-person and on-site consultation. We want to understand your landscaping goals while getting an idea of the scope of a project by viewing your yard. After we ask you a few questions, get pictures of your property, and work out project logistics, we get to work creating your design!
A 2D & 3D Landscape Design developed and provided by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape
  1. Design – Next is when we implement our 2D or 3D landscape design software. We create highly accurate 3D designs using our imaging software, capturing the exact depth and detail of your future landscape. Alternatively, 2D imaging allows us to get your designs faster but doesn’t allow you to view as much detail. Our goal is to give you as accurate a picture of your future landscape as possible so you know exactly what to expect.
  2. Approval – Once a design is complete, we will take it to you for approval. 2D and 3D imaging allow us to give you as accurate a picture of your future landscape as possible so you know exactly what to expect. Although the installation process allows for some flexibility in your landscape design, the approval stage will be your chance to make suggestions, recommendations or changes to a landscape design before our teams get to work.
  3. Installation – When you’ve approved your design, Mobeck’s team is quick to start. We are experts in hardscaping and softscaping, creating the perfect balance of beauty and functionality for your outdoor living space. Throughout your project installation, we are respectful of your and surrounding properties, ensuring proper cleanup and waste disposal throughout the process.
  4. Completion – After the final stones are laid and the last flowers planted, we walk you through your completed outdoor living space for a final inspection. We run you through the care and maintenance required of certain yard features and ensure everything about your landscape design is to your preference. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly transformed outdoor living space!

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