A backyard basketball court with landscape lighting in Illinois, installed by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape

Illuminate Your Yard with Beautiful Landscape Lighting in Peoria IL

If you’re proud of the way your landscaping looks, why not show it off? With landscape lighting in Peoria IL, you can illuminate your yard at any time of day. Outdoor lighting comes in all types and colors and is perfect for adding a bit of “flashiness” to your home’s exterior. Talk with the professionals at Mobeck Lawn & Landscape to discuss your options for landscape lighting, and find what works best for your property.

Why Consider Outdoor Lighting?

Landscape lighting can do more than spotlight the best parts of your yard. Lights also add function, safety and security to your property. And the added curb appeal of outdoor lighting isn’t too bad, either!

  • Function – Once it gets dark, it isn’t easy to enjoy the comfort of your outdoor living space. However, with the addition of landscape lighting, you can relax, socialize or celebrate outdoors all night long! Outdoor lighting is perfect if you love hosting parties, barbeques or get-togethers in your backyard.
  • Safety – As night falls, it can be dangerous to walk around without light. If you’re not careful on your property, you could trip downstairs, accidentally crush flower beds, or fall into your pool. Conversely, you can properly illuminate your property with landscape lighting, so you or friends don’t accidently hurt yourself.
  • Security – If you’re worried about potential intruders on your property, landscape lighting can help alleviate your fears. Having a well-lit yard is one of the best deterrents for unwanted visitors. By leaving no dark spots on your property, intruders have nowhere to hide. Thus, your home is less likely to become the target of criminal activity.
  • Curb Appeal – Outdoor lighting is most commonly installed for the beauty and curb appeal it can add to your property. By illuminating your home and its landscape, it stands out from your neighbors’ houses. Not to mention, you can add a sense of style to your yard with the different colors and types of outdoor lighting available.

Types of Lighting

Mobeck Lawn & Landscape can help install numerous types of landscaping lighting for your property. Furthermore, our lighting includes options for solar-powered, LED, colored and more. Some of the most popular light fixtures we offer include:

  • Deck Lighting
  • Step Lighting
  • Pool Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Path Lighting
  • Flood Lights
  • Hardscape Lighting
  • And More
A home with new Landscape Lighting along the walking path, installed by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape in Peoria IL

Stunning Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for more than landscape lighting in Peoria IL, Mobeck Lawn & Landscape can happily oblige! We employ expert landscape specialists to help design and install natural and artificial features for your property. Also, for those interested in lawn maintenance services, our team offers mowing, core aeration, seasonal cleanup, and mulch installation.

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