Affordable Landscape Lighting in East Peoria IL

Top Reasons to Add Landscape Lighting in East Peoria IL

Mobeck Lawn and Landscape can add to the aesthetics, security, and accessibility at your property with landscape lighting in East Peoria IL. Give your trusted local source for landscaping a call today at 309-245-0457.

Property owners consider landscape lighting a great investment because of the benefits that enhance their home or business. Consequently, we specialize in offering unmatched design, high-performing products, and advice when you need help with lighting. For instance, we often recommend utilizing light layering to add depth and dimension. Furthermore, light layering helps you change the mood if you are hosting guests or want to showcase beautiful features on your property.

Some basic lighting techniques that we provide can transform an outdoor space from boring to fancy. Whether you want to light up pathways, highlight plants, or draw attention to interesting artwork, we specialize in providing lighting techniques that will work best. Some of our most popular lighting products include:

  • Step Lighting
  • Deck Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Pool lights
  • Flood Lighting
  • Path Lights
  • Hardscape Lighting

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Add Beauty with Landscape Lighting in East Peoria IL

Grab the attention of your neighbors, visitors, or potential home buyers with landscape lighting in East Peoria IL. Our contractors can use lighting to create a huge difference in the value and look of your residential or commercial property. For instance, you can install lights at the base of trees, plants, or artwork to showcase their beauty. On the other hand, you can create silhouettes of trees against the walls of your home by installing lights at the right angles.

If you like, you can also brighten up walls of your home with different pops of color by installing colored lights. Plus, you can use lights with bodies of water such as ponds, pools, or spas to create a mirroring effect. By installing lights near trees and plants, you can make a mirror reflection on the other side by bouncing light off the water’s surface.

Improve Security with Landscape Lighting

We can eliminate dark pockets of your property where criminals and vagrants hide with landscape lighting in East Peoria IL. Burglars and trespassers do not want to be seen. Therefore, you can deter them from hanging around your property by illuminating it with lights. A few lights in strategic areas will eliminate shadows that thieves and trespassers use to stay out of sight. In fact, a recent study conducted in New York a few years ago found that better outdoor lighting caused a 39 percent reduction in crime.

Get Around Your Property Easier with Landscape Lighting

Using lights around walkways, entryways, decks, patios, pools, and spas can make your property safer and easier to walk around. As a result, you can better protect children or elderly relatives with landscape lighting in East Peoria IL. With added light, they will see things that may have tripped them up or caused them to fall. Consequently, you can reduce the risk of injury by better illuminating those paths and entrances at your property.

Landscape Lighting East Peoria IL

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Mobeck Lawn and Landscape can bring many great benefits to your property with landscape lighting. Let us design and install innovative lighting products that improve the aesthetics, security, and safety of your property. Give us a call now at 309-245-0457 to receive a free quote. If you prefer, you can also request a free consultation with our online contact form. In addition to landscape lighting, our company also specializes in lawn mowing, snow removal, landscaping, and hardscaping.