A dump truck pouring out mulch at a commercial site in Central Illinois

Freshen Up Your Garden with Mulch Installation

Whether you’ve got a green thumb or are looking for a way to drive away weeds, mulch installation is right for you. And mulch installation for Peoria IL can help keep your yard looking fresh and your gardens looking bright. But, instead of lugging bags of mulch yourself and haphazardly applying them to your grow beds, why not let a professional take care of mulching for you? Mobeck Lawn & Landscaping will evenly apply mulch to your garden, allowing new plants to grow and existing plants to prosper.

What Does Mulch Do?

You’ve heard of mulch before, but why do you need it for your yard? And is it important to have a professional apply it for you? Of course, mulch isn’t necessary for every aspiring gardener to use, but it will make planting and maintaining your garden a whole lot easier!

  • Revitalize Your Soil (with Organic)
    • The primary use of organic mulch is to improve your lawn and garden fertility. Applying organic mulch to soil reintroduces nutrients and moisture into the ground, revitalizing flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Also, you can expect any new additions to your garden to thrive with organic mulch.
  • Protect from Weeds
    • More than dry spells or pests getting into your plants, weeds are the ultimate annoyance for most gardeners. However, with the addition of mulch (organic and inorganic), you can snuff out weeds before they become a problem. Mulch will prevent weeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow, thus saving you the time and effort of pulling them out yourself.
  • Improves Appearance
    • Mulch’s benefits aren’t only “below the surface.” You can add a bit of style and visual appeal to your lawn and garden with the right mulch. Mobeck Lawn & Landscape offers dozens of options of both organic and inorganic mulch. From different colors (golden, dark brown, etc.) to different styles (gravel, shredded wood, etc.), you’re sure to find mulch that beautifully accents your yard.
A garden with fresh mulch installation in Washington IL, done by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape

Beyond Mulching

Mulch installation can do much more for your yard, including soil erosion prevention, insulation, soil drainage and more. However, if you’re looking for more than mulch, Mobeck has you covered. Our lawn maintenance and landscaping services are top-notch. From landscape design to hardscaping, we know what’s best to maintain a beautiful yard all season long. Our team of lawn maintenance professionals will keep your lawn manicured, clean and healthy, all for an affordable price.

Give Us a Call

Mulch is key to your garden’s success, and mulch installation performed by professionals ensures your plants stay happy and healthy. To learn more about our mulching or the other services we offer, call us today at 309-989-4496. Also, we are located at 437 N Cummings Ln, Washington, IL 61571.