Before and after photos of fall cleanup in Central Illinois done by Mobeck Lawn & Landscape

Tidy Up Your Yard with Fall & Spring Cleanup

Fall and winter can take a toll on your yard. Between leaves, mud, rain, ice, snow and more, your lawn can go from well-maintained to a “bit of a mess” in a matter of weeks. And even if you decide on cleaning up your yard yourself, it’s going to take time and effort you might not have. Instead, allow the professionals at Mobeck Lawn & Landscape to provide thorough fall & spring cleanup for the Greater Peoria area. We can make sure your yard endures the worst our Midwestern climate can throw at it.

Fall Cleanup

As the temperatures cool and leaves begin to fall, your yard will start going dormant in preparation for winter. However, you shouldn’t let leaves and debris hide under the snow, as you risk damaging your lawn. Mobeck can instead go the extra mile to prep your lawn before winter hits. With fall cleanup, our team will:

  • Rake and remove fallen leaves from your property
  • Dispose of fallen branches and other debris
  • Cut back perennials and perennial beds
  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Remove plants that will not survive colder temps
  • Winterize your lawn

Spring Cleanup

Once winter and the last snow of the season have passed, it’s time to get ready for spring! And it’s essential to make spring cleanup of your yard a part of your traditional spring cleaning. At Mobeck, we can make sure your lawn is in the best shape possible, allowing it to thrive through spring and summer. Our lawn care professionals will:

  • Remove and dispose of landscape debris that accumulated over winter
  • Perform hardscape edging around driveways, sidewalks, paths, gravel and more
  • Trim and prune trees and shrubbery
  • Apply mulch to garden beds
  • Mow, mulch and fertilize lawns
  • Remove weeds from yard and garden
A big pile of leaves getting ready to be collected and carried away as a part of fall cleanup in Peoria IL

Lawn Care You Can Trust

Mobeck Lawn & Landscape can provide the same services included in fall and spring cleanup throughout the growing season. From mulch installation to shrub trimming and everything in between, we offer exceptional lawn care services for homes and businesses alike. Our team of professionals dedicates themselves to their work, providing precisely manicured lawns and smartly designed landscaping. Check out our gallery to see some of our work for yourself!

Call Today

If looking to extend your property’s health and beauty, be sure to get necessary fall and spring cleanup services from the experts at Mobeck Lawn & Landscape. Learn more about our lawn care and landscaping services by calling today at 309-989-4496. Also, we are located at 437 N Cummings Ln, Washington, IL 61571.