Paver Patios

Beautiful Designs and Incredible Strength with Paver Patios

While some folks opt for plain, concrete patios, others enjoy the beauty and design of paver patios. A paver patio is a perfect addition to any residential or commercial property. The patio space allows you to enjoy the beauty of your yard in comfort while also providing a solid base for your grilling, outdoor lounging and more. Allow Mobeck Lawn & Landscaping to show you some of the paver patios for Peoria IL we’ve installed and help you decide on what’s best for your property.

What’s a Paver Patio?

If you aren’t familiar with what a paver patio is, allow us to explain! Rather than having one slab of poured concrete as your patio space, paver patios are made of individual “pavers,” or stones made from concrete. Each piece varies in size and color, creating unique patterns and designs not typically found in traditional patios.

Why Choose Paver Patios?

Paver patios provide a plethora of benefits over traditional patios. With paver patios, you can expect:

  • Incredible Strength and Durability – While other patios are made of one solid slab of concrete, paver patios are made of individual pieces, each interlocking with one another. Because of the joints between each piece, the patio is flexible and more adverse to cracking or breaking.
  • Climate Resistant – Over the course of winter, as the ground freezes and thaws, it presses up against your patio. Traditional patios are then subject to increased pressure and often break down in the process. Conversely, the flexibility of paver patios ensures they can more easily adjust to the ground expanding and contracting.
  • Easy Maintenance – There’s not much work to be done to your paver patios yearly. If a paver breaks, they’re easy to replace. And dirt and debris from fall and winter are easy to wash off as the weather warms up. Additionally, the use of poly-sand between the joints helps to prevent most weed growth over your paver patio’s lifespan.
  • Added Aesthetics – While traditional patios provide all the support and space you need, it’s not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as paver patios. Each paver is different and comes in unique shapes and colors. When put together, you can create beautiful patterns and designs to accent your property’s landscape.

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