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Installing Paver Patio in Washington IL

The addition of a patio for your home will elevate the beauty of your home and give you a space for lounging or grilling. However, a simple concrete patio may not give you the aesthetic you want for your outdoors. You may want to choose something a little ornate to enhance your outdoor living areas even more. The installation of a paver patio will increase your home’s curb appeal and will be a choice that brings you pride for years to come. And when you are ready to install paver patio in Washington IL, call Mobeck Lawn & Landscape.

Why Choose Paver Patio

Paver patios are an elegant option for your outdoor space. Pavers are individual stones made from concrete. Each stone comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Pavers can be as simple or intricate as you want and can be laid in patterns for an eye-catching patio style.

Paver patios are also a great option over traditional concrete for numerous reasons. With a paver patio, you will enjoy:

  • Strength and durability – One slab of concrete is strong, but paver patios interlock with each other. Joints between pieces create a flexible patio that will better resist cracking or breaking.
  • Climate resistance – The ground during the winter creates a swell within concrete that can make it crack. Because paver patios have that flexibility, they adjust more readily to harsh Illinois winters.
  • Low maintenance – The upkeep on a paver patio is truly easy. Once fall and winter pass, you can spray it down with a hose for easy cleanup. Next, if a paver breaks, you can easily replace the one stone. Finally, because we use poly-sand in the joints of the pavers, weed growth slows, keeping it nearly hands-off throughout the year.
  • Distinct beauty – Unlike traditional concrete patios, you get to choose the look and design of your paver patio. Choose from a variety of shapes and colors, then create a pattern that perfectly fits the aesthetic of your landscape. You’ll be proud of your patio for years to come.

At Mobeck Lawn & Landscape, we’ll help you plan and design the patio you want and then we’ll handle the rest.

A freshly landscaped and mulched yard is just one of the services, in addition to a paver patio in Washington IL, Mobeck Lawn & Landscape offers

Additional Services from Mobeck Lawn & Landscape

In addition to our ability to create an enviable paver patio in Washington, IL, Mobeck Lawn & Landscape offers a breadth of services for year-round lawn maintenance. We are your lawn care experts who also provide core aeration for a lush yard, fall and spring cleanup services, and mulch installation. In winter, we’re your go-to source for snow and ice removal. And we’re also pros at landscaping and hardscaping your yard, from design to installation. We’re proud to be your outdoor experts.

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If you’re interested in installing paver patio in Washington IL, Mobeck Lawn & Landscape are the experts you can trust. To request an estimate for any of our services, give us a call at 309-989-4496. We can’t wait to help you find the patio of your dreams.