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The Best Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Morton IL

Mobeck Lawn and Landscape can add to the aesthetics, security, safety, and accessibility of your yard with landscape lighting in Morton IL. Give your trusted local source for landscaping a call today at 309-245-0457.

Outdoor lighting brings many great benefits to your property. First, you can entertain guests longer in the evenings with well-lit outdoor living spaces. Next, you improve the curb appeal and value to your property with lighting that highlights beautiful features. Also, you deter criminals and trespassers from lingering around your home or business by eliminating hiding spots and shadows. Plus, you and your visitors are less likely to get hurt from tripping or falling because of unseen obstacles. In addition, you can better direct traffic around your property by illuminating decks, patios, and entryways.

Mobeck Lawn and Landscape provides A+-rated services that get 5-star reviews for landscape lighting in Morton IL. Our company specializes in designing lighting solutions and installing some of the best products available. We can give you suggestions on how to best light up patios, decks, walkways, stonework, and foliage. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Add Beauty with Basic Techniques for Landscape Lighting in Morton IL

A few simple lighting strategies can transform your property from basic to fancy with landscape lighting in Morton IL. Here are some of the most popular strategies:

  • Uplighting – This technique creates silhouettes of areas of your property you want to feature by mounting lights on the ground facing up. We use highlighting to illuminate sculptures, plants, and trees by placing lights at an angle at their base. If you like the look of shadows on walls, we can use shadowing to cast silhouettes of trees. Meanwhile, a technique called wall washing can illuminate the walls of your house in different colors.
  • Downlighting – This technique involves installing lights facing down at the base of trees, walls, ponds, or fountains. For trees, moonlighting is always a popular choice. The lights are placed at high spots in the trees, so they cast shadows on the tree. Meanwhile, accent lighting involves straightforward lighting techniques to draw attention to foliage, art, or areas you want to feature.
  • Mirror Lighting – This technique allows reflect light off the surface of the water. If you have a pond, a pool, or a spa, this will work perfectly for your landscape lighting in Morton IL. We can light up trees and plants near your bodies of water to create a reflection of them visible on the other side.
Landscape Lighting Morton IL

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Mobeck Lawn and Landscape can design and create the perfect strategies for your landscape lighting. We can focus on your entryways, illuminate paths, and light up patios and decks. Plus, we can add light to boundary areas, dark spots, and landscape features you want to highlight. Schedule a free consultation with us today by calling 309-245-0457. For your convenience, you can also request a free quote online. In addition to landscape lighting, our company specializes in hardscaping, landscaping, lawn mowing, and snow removal.