The Best Landscaping Companies in Peoria IL replacing grass for a landscape

Beautify Your Property with the Best Landscaping Companies for Peoria IL

For those with yard space available, there’s always more you want to do with your property. Should you have your patio updated? Would landscape lighting be a nice addition? Even stormwater management is something worth considering if your yard lacks retaining walls. However, without expert landscapers to help, all these changes to your property aren’t possible! Thankfully, when searching for the best landscaping companies for Peoria IL, there’s one always on everyone’s mind: Mobeck Lawn & Landscape!

Best Additions for Your Yard

The sky’s the limit when it comes to landscaping! We’ve helped transform drab, dull properties into beautiful backyard oases. Best of all, not only are many landscape features attractive additions to your property, but they add significant function and benefits to your yard. For example, some of the best landscape features include:

  • Patio Space – A patio can be as simple or expansive as you choose. We’ve helped lay traditional concrete patios while designing more detailed backyard living spaces, including features like firepits, outdoor bars, stone tile floors, and more. No matter the type of patio you choose, adding viable sitting and activity space makes your yard more viable for use.
  • Natural Landscaping – From flower beds to shrubs and bushes, we understand how to emphasize the natural beauty of your property using the best nature has to offer. Not only does softscaping add to the beauty and curb appeal of your property, but creates cleaner air for all to breathe!
  • Retaining Walls – In addition to retaining walls adding a bit of style to your yard, they also help with stormwater management. Retaining walls direct water runoff away from your yard or to proper drainage areas so your yard doesn’t flood or water doesn’t pool after heavy rains.
  • Landscape Lighting – There’s nothing more visually stunning than the twinkling of exterior lights all along your patio and landscape. Better yet, the addition of landscape lighting enables yard use even after the sun has set. With landscape lighting, you can safely enjoy your backyard well into the night.
  • And More – From water features and outdoor grills to walkways and driveways, we can implement any number of features to transform your yard into something exceptional. Call Mobeck today to see how we can design your outdoor space!
The Best Landscaping Companies in Peoria IL designing the landscape around a pool

Landscape Experts at Our Best!

At Mobeck Lawn & Landscape, we genuinely strive to be one of the best landscaping companies for Peoria IL. To this end, we utilize unique 2D and 3D design programs that optimize the landscape design process. Our imaging software gives our clients a closer look at the final project and allows our team to easily implement design changes based on your budget and preferences. Furthermore, once your yard’s landscaping is complete, Mobeck offers additional services for the upkeep and maintenance of your property.

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See your yard transform from drab to breathtaking with the help of the best landscaping companies for Peoria IL. It’s time to put Mobeck Lawn & Landscape in charge of your landscape design! To learn more about our company or landscaping services, call Mobeck today at 309-285-8606. We are located at 437 N Cummings Ln, Washington, IL 61571.